17 Images Pleasing To The Eye For Their Ability To Satisfy Our Need For Perfection.

In the midst of so much mess and so many imperfections that every day characterize our existence, from time to time it is really nice to take a break – even if it is only visual – and enjoy a bit of … perfection.

We all have, even the messiest, a perfectionist side within us, which can manifest in various ways and under various circumstances. We are talking about that satisfaction that our eyes and our mind feel when we find ourselves in front of particularly polished scenes, in which – by will or by serendipity – things fit together perfectly, and create harmony by “fighting” chaos. . If you have understood what we are talking about, you will appreciate the 17 images that we are going to show you: real “medicines” for eyes too accustomed to everyday imperfections!

#1. Omelette and plate: a perfect match!

image credit: Ectoplasmorphe/reddit

#2. This gift is wrapped so well that it is almost a shame to open it!

image credit: SFinTX/reddit

#3. He entered perfectly: unbelievable!

image credit: torreyn/reddit

#4. It really looks like this ring was designed to accommodate this ball.

image credit: upsidedownquestion/reddit

#5. My new Play Station looks like it was designed to be placed under there!

image credit: Lintopher/reddit

#6. Accurate charging down to the millimeter!

image credit: tlawrey20/reddit

#7. The right broom to clean that exact corner!

image credit: oogletoff / reddit

#8. Looks like this tree was placed there specially to accommodate this car!

image credit: newmacbookpro/reddit

#9. When a simple shadow can create true perfection!

image credit: nomaddd79/reddit

#10. It wasn’t done on purpose, but the result is really satisfying, isn’t it?

image credit: reddit

#11. The shade at this time of day “sticks” perfectly between the handrail and the stairs!

image credit: reddit

#12. Congratulations to those who made this load: a real engineering job!

image credit: reddit

#13. Perfectly nested!

image credit: Troliver_13/reddit

#14. The London Eye completely framed in a window!

image credit: Imgur

#15. Wonderfully cared for, without a doubt!

image credit: reddit

#16. At sunset, the clouds look like a trail of fire coming out of the dragon’s mouth!

image credit: Neighborino2000/reddit

#17. The car chosen by the light!

image credit: wydwy555555/reddit

Have you ever found yourself in front of scenes as perfect and satisfying as these?

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