16 Curious Images Explain Why The Scandinavian Countries Are Unique And Special Places

There are places in the world capable of evoking precise images in the mind. Landscapes, buildings, natural phenomena, and – why not – curiosities: so many characteristics that make a nation or an entire region of the globe unique.

This is also true for Northern Europe. The Scandinavian countries, with their dazzling, wild, and astonishing nature, their “Viking” traditions, their innovations, and their civilization, are privileged places for all. As in so many other parts of our planet, there are things that we can only see here, real local “specialties”. With the photos we have gathered below, we have decided to take you to the cold Nordic lands, to discover customs, places, and bizarre things, all strictly “Made in Scandinavia”!

#1. “Escalators” for bicycles: we are in Norway!

image credit: Capital_Invite/reddit

#2. These mega cans of Danish beer are the accommodation for guests of a music festival!

image credit: rockystl/reddit

#3. A panoramic tower from where you can observe the forest, plunging inside

image credit: Yulinka17/reddit

#4. Do you believe this is a maximum security prison cell? We are in Stortstrom, Denmark

image credit: Sleeeepy_Hollow / reddit

#5. The border between Norway and Sweden: practically a very long line which passes between snow-covered fir trees!

image credit: Browndog888/reddit

#6. It is a Danish tradition to pour cinnamon on a person who, on their 25th birthday, is not yet married.

image credit: Imgur

#7. This is Sir Nils Olav, a penguin mascot of the Norwegian Royal Guard, appointed brigadier and colonel in chief.

image credit: a-Boon-Bag/reddit

#8. “No kisses for more than 3 minutes”: we are at Aalborg airport, Denmark

image credit: Pikabu

#9. An unusual traffic light in Akureyiri, Iceland: red is in the shape of a heart!

image credit: JD554/Wikimedia

#10. Storseisundet Bridge, on the Atlantic Road in Norway, one of the most photographed bridges in the world

image credit: Sleeeepy_Hollow / reddit

#11.Brøndby Garden City, just outside Copenhagen: the garden city surrounded by perfect circles

image credit: reddit

#12. The curious lobby of a hotel in Copenhagen

image credit: Notcommentmuch/reddit

#13. Here we are in Ísafjörur, Iceland: the pedestrian crossings are in 3D!

image credit: Road painting GÍH / Facebook

#14. Probably one of the most secluded and lonely houses in the world: here too we are in Iceland

#15. A sign in Sweden: clearer than a thousand words about “modern” pedestrians

#16. In Malmö even mice have their own mini house!

Scenes that you can only see here!

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