Ikea Offers Ecological And Super-functional Micro-houses For Sale.

The famous Swedish company, which has long been an integral part of our daily life, is embarking on an entirely green and eco-sustainable project. According to Lonely Planet, Ikea works with Vox Creative and Escape, companies already involved in the market for creating small living spaces. The project is part of the IKEA Tiny Home program. This housing would contain autonomous energy production systems such as solar panels and independent heating.

Abbey Stark, senior interior designer at IKEA, has designed interior spaces that are comfortable, but above all that reflect their totally green image. They are made from durable materials. It is already possible to view the designs and choose the one that best suits you on the Vox Creative website.


image credit: Josiah and Steph Photography

It is also possible to modify its space and personalize it according to our needs . Escape founder Dan Dobrowolski finished the house in sixty days, which he later confirmed: “It was a natural fit, we already have several IKEA accessories in all of our homes. They completely reflect our soul. sustainable because they are manufactured with the greatest respect for the environment “.

The project is about a sustainable way of life, achievable through inclusion and innovation . Optimizing space also means taking care of the planet and meeting our own needs, without having too much influence on those of future generations. The designers are convinced that after the epidemic it is necessary to rebuild our social norms as well. Minimalist life will consolidate. Thousands of people will move out of the city in search of personal freedom and their own safe spaces .


image credit: Josiah and Steph Photography

If you want to get a better idea of ​​the costs of buying a miniature house furnished by IKEA, you can visit this site: escapetraveler.net/sale . It starts from an amount of around 47,000 dollars (around 40,000 euros) and then increases depending on the type of model, so far there are three different depending on the size and options chosen.

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