This Hypercar Breaks The Speed Record For A Production Car Behind The Wheel, There Was No Professional Driver

If you’re afraid of high speed in the car, be warned: this car is not for you. The reason? It’s simple: after several attempts and results first confirmed and then invalidated, the SSC Tuatara, in January 2021, was declared the fastest production car in the world.

It is a much-coveted record, which many car manufacturers aspire to with their mass-produced super sports cars, that is, in traditional factories, for sale to the public and for road traffic. The Tuatara was the fastest of all its characteristics are so unique that they make it a full-fledged hypercar.


image credit: SSC North America

Can you imagine a car with an engine producing 1,750 horsepower? To give you an idea, mid-size and utility cars, the ones most of us drive, have between 70 and 150. The Tuatara can thus reach the record speed of 455.3 kilometers per hour.


image credit: Driven Plus/Youtube

Although in October 2020 the car was at the center of a first attempt in which it had posted over 500 km / h, a result questioned and subsequently refuted, it still managed to register an Absolutely record value, beating the 447.23 km / h that the Koenigsegg Agera RS had achieved in 2017.


image credit: SSC North America

The test took place at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, where the Tuatara ran twice in different directions, registering peak speeds which at the end of the test averaged 455.3 km / h, validated by Racelogic USA.


image credit: SSC North America

Behind the wheel was Larry Caplin, anything but a professional driver. This man is a wealthy entrepreneur, philanthropist, and auto enthusiast dentist who, in addition to the $ 2 million Tuatara, owns other supercars 


image credit: SSC North America

It is really impressive to think of moving at such a speed , isn’t it? Would you ever get into such a car for a ride? 

Source of used:
SSC North America

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