Hungry Bear Surprises Family On Quiet Picnic In The Woods

When summer arrives, it is simply wonderful to have the opportunity to rediscover contact with nature. Walks, outings, hikes, excursions: our planet, everywhere, is so rich in environmental wonders that we never cease to know them. But in these pleasant landscapes and places, nature sometimes reminds us that we are not alone.

On the contrary: the animals that inhabit it are always there, ready to surprise us with their presence and, as in the case of the bear we are going to tell you about, to join us for a picnic!


image credit: Caters Clips/Youtube

It’s a scene to remember, which deserves to be immortalized or, as in this case, filmed. While 29-year-old Kaitlyn Nesbit was busy with her family picnicking in a wooded area in Maryland, USA, a curious black bear literally joined them, like a friend who joined her party to enjoy the fun. a little peace and quiet in the countryside.

It goes without saying that, for a while, the relaxation and enjoyment of the day-trippers were marred by a little commotion. Anyone would feel it, seeing such a large animal approaching, and might not know what to do. The four managed to keep a certain calm, however: so much so that one of them “nodded” at the bear to sit down, and the animal did just that, aiming for the sandwich at the peanut butter they had prepared.


image credit: Caters Clips/Youtube

With a pinch of unconsciousness, the man gave the sandwich to the bear, who was very happy to eat it with taste. The scene was observed by other people who were not far away, expressing all the astonishment that such an episode arouses. Many Internet users did not fail to criticize this fact and severely reproached the group of people for having malnourished the bear.

Indeed, bears should not associate humans with food : if this happens, obvious safety risks could arise. Certainly in this situation, we are sure that each of us would have reacted according to our instincts, and it is not easy to keep a cool head. In any case, there is no doubt that these hikers were very lucky, since everything turned out for the best, and they can tell that they had a meal in the company of an exceptional guest to say the least.


Watch the video:

source used: New York Post

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