Hundreds Of Puppies Bought By Families During Lockdown Have Been Put Up For Sale

Sometimes in the face of certain episodes and certain short stories, one really comes to think that human beings are capable of showing a striking lack of sensitivity as well as selfishness. We realize this, to give just one example, whenever malicious acts and mistreatment are committed against defenseless animals, treated as soulless creatures, real toys at the mercy of our whims.

We could not think otherwise when we learn that many families who have bought puppies during lockdowns linked to the coronavirus pandemic are now deciding, bluntly, to get rid of them.


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The long months of confinement to fight the disease that has rocked the world since the early 2020s has prompted many families to buy animals, creatures that would keep them company and brighten up the atmosphere at home. We are talking about puppies in particular.

It took a gradual return to normal for many people to realize that puppies were no longer for them. Although many are still working from home, it seems the ” whim ” of having a pet while in confinement is now over. This is confirmed by the numerous advertisements published on websites devoted to animals, puppies aged 6 to 12 months offered for amounts that often exceed 3,000 euros.


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It is as if the masters, tired of what was once a pleasant diversion, had decided to move on, more concerned than ever with recovering the money spent. While keeping in mind that adopting an animal is a choice that should always be preferred over buying a dog, when deciding to welcome a dog into your home, you should always evaluate your real ability to take care of it.

Indeed, in many cases, too numerous, we see animals left almost entirely to themselves, kept by families who consider them as simple “accessories” with which to have fun, to show to others and to say that ‘they have a dog. Beagles, Belgian Shepherds, Bulldogs: many purebred animals are sold after less than a year of living with people who seemed to have welcomed them. And the reasons are more or less always the same: lack of time, too many commitments, decisions taken on a whim without evaluating the consequences.


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And unfortunately, such situations are also very damaging for the dogs themselves, who find themselves suffering from emotional detachments and changes in the environment. In addition to classifieds sites, voluntary organizations have also confirmed that, in recent months, calls from people looking for someone who could take care of their dogs have multiplied, which represents a rather sad and makes reflect.

Once again, human beings have shown a lack of forethought, with obvious negative consequences for so many innocent creatures.

Source used:
The Times

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