Pakistan’s First Female Architect Built Hundreds Of Green Homes For The Poorest People.

Some people are especially worthy of admiration because they decide to use their skills in the service of very noble causes. Yasmeen Lari is certainly one of those people: Pakistan’s first female architect, she is 80 years old, and after more than 40 years of career, she decided to give up her usual duties to devote herself to the construction of ecological houses for the poorest people.


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During his long career, Yasmen has built many luxurious buildings and participated in prestigious and innovative projects. In 2000, however, she decided to give up her job as a commercial architect to devote herself to social projects. She has worked with the Heritage Foundation  to create sustainable housing in Pakistan for people who no longer have or never had a home, and with the aim of reducing the economic and environmental impact. . The projects designed by the woman are indeed built using organic and ecological materials and the future inhabitants of the houses participate in their creation.


image credit: BBC News/Wikipedia

Thanks to this initiative, communities collaborate and expenses are greatly reduced, allowing even financially disadvantaged people to have their own homes. After many years spent in London, she decided to return to Pakistan, which suffered a major earthquake in 2005 which had a major impact on its people. More than 400,000 families were left homeless, and Yasmen decided to help them. 


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Not only did she take care of the construction of the buildings, but she gave families the knowledge to build their own homes using sustainable materials such as clay, wood, and stone. Inside you can find everything you need: a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and even a terrace. Some houses are even built on several levels. Within a month, each team manages to build 50 houses, and in no time, all families have had access to their new sustainable home.

source used: theguardian

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