15 Photos Of Huge And Majestic Maine Coons That Wow Even Us Humans

Have you ever had the chance to see for real and hug a Maine Coon? Cats of this breed, one of the largest domestic felines, look like a hybrid between fluff and toddler tigers. Male cats can even weigh up to 16 kg and measure up to three feet from nose to tail. They are native to North America and are famous, in addition to their large size, for their long hair and extremely thick tails.

They appear to be solitary cats, able to survive the coldest temperatures, but in reality, they are extremely affectionate domestic cats. Welcoming them home is an important commitment: they need food (a lot of food), attention, and affection. But they know how to reciprocate with their purrs and adorable muzzles. We have selected 15 photos that show us how even we humans are extremely small in front of their endless charm.

#1. You need to have trained biceps.

image credit: imgur

#2. Taller than the mistress.

image credit: imgur

#3. Looks like a tiger.

image credit: Momo72a/twitter

#4. What a long fur!

image credit: roto/imgur

#5. A proud look.

image credit: stinkylinkydingdong/imgur

#6. And eyes that fascinate.

image credit: imgur

#7. A not-so-small “child”.

image credit: mattreyu/reddit

#8. It occupies the entire sofa.

image credit: Prostoilogin / pikabu

#9. Even for vets, it’s a challenge to hug them.

image credit: noirhero/reddit

#10. Adorable, those hairy ears!

image credit: imgur

#11. Where do these big cats sleep?

image credit: imgur

#12. Even on armchairs, if they’re big enough.

image credit: temppics/imgur

#13. Did you know that they can weigh up to 16 kg?

image credit: imgur

#14. But despite their size, they behave like kittens.

image credit: mafemo_mc / instagram

#15. And they climb everywhere.

image credit: Yolodolo/imgur

There are several curiosities about this breed: the Maine Coon’s fur is thicker in some parts of the body for better protection; the most common fur color is ashy color, but there are also reds; the very thick tail and the hairy ears are used not to disperse the heat of the cat. Having one at home means arming yourself with a brush and a vacuum cleaner, but we are sure that its hugs largely forget about the hairs scattered around the house.

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