Huawei Engineers Create Autonomous Bike That Balances On Its Own.

In recent times, autonomous and intelligent driving systems have become an established and developing reality in the transportation sector. However, if cars come to mind when we think about them, then we will also have to consider the incredible bike that we are going to tell you about.

What is it about? A very special two-wheeled vehicle, far from the image we all have of it. Designed by engineers at Chinese tech giant Huawei, this bike has some truly incredible capabilities that seem to take it straight into the future. Ready to take a closer look?


image credit: Zhihui Jun/Youtube

Would you ever have thought that a bicycle could balance itself? No, we’re not kidding, because this one does. And that’s not his only “superpower”. High-precision sensors, cameras with scene recognition, artificial intelligence technologies, and, of course, autonomous driving. If you think all of this is impossible to concentrate in a simple vehicle like a bicycle, you have yet to see the one designed by the experts at Huawei.


image credit: Zhihui Jun/Youtube

It all started with a bicycle accident involving Zhihui Jun, one of the engineers involved in the project. After his mishap, he thought about a way to make a two-wheeler, even with pedals, more autonomous and intelligent. Thus, with the help of a study and research team, he has developed a vehicle that is a true concentrate of technology, full of peculiarities that make it autonomous and capable of doing unthinkable things.


image credit: Zhihui Jun/Youtube

Thanks to a control module that uses the rotating momentum of the disc, the bike can stand on its own two feet, making any kickstand suddenly obsolete. Computing units, sensors and cameras allow the bike to move around autonomously, interacting with the rear wheel, even without a driver. All powered by battery lithium accommodated under the seat, just above the rear wheel.


image credit: Zhihui Jun/Youtube

According to Huawei engineers, the tests carried out on this very special motorcycle have yielded encouraging results, although carried out under conditions very different from those in the real world. What do you thinkWould you buy such a bike, or is it too far removed from the “classic” idea of ​​a bike?

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