Observe How To Plant A Lemon In A Glass. Your House Will Smell Very Good And It Is Decorative

There is nothing I like more than entering a house and it smelling good, we normally spend a lot of money buying air fresheners that wear out quickly, but today we bring you an economical solution that will make your home smell good for a long time.

We teach you how to plant a lemon in a cup, which will not only make your floor smell great, it also looks great as a decorative element.

What you need

  • -A medium/large cup
  • -Lemon seeds
  • -Tierra
  • -Tweezers (to remove the skin of the seeds) Water

-Steps to follow

1) Put the seeds in water for an hour, this will loosen the skin so that it can be removed more easily.

2) Now use the tweezers to remove the skin and thus promote their germination.

3) Then place the skinless seeds in a little water, let them germinate, this process usually takes 2 days.

4) Once they have germinated, place them in soil moistened with a little water. You should position them in a spiral around the cup.

5) To make it more beautiful and decorative: place some small colored stones, to taste.

6) Put the cup in the place you prefer, but they have to receive sunlight, water whenever it is dry, in a short time it will grow and you will have your lemon tree ready!

Did you like this easy and practical trick ? Leave us your opinion in comments.

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