12 Examples Of How Perspective Can Play With Our Brain

Perspective is one of the curses of professional photographers with which they comment on their work. Where sometimes we look and do not understand anything. More precisely, we understand that something that seems ‘impossible’ is happening in the images. But we can’t prove it without clues.

In the following list, we share with you 15 times that perspective was so powerful that it could play with our perception of reality.

#1. Visual effects within the gallery.

#2. What a great view from this bridge!

#3. That helicopter doesn’t look that size.

#4. How to make old cars drive on a modern highway.

#5. The visible hand of a professional artist.

#6. Great perspective! And what a perspective!

#7. What did they feed the dog?

#8. This is just a puddle.

#9. Magic Druid Tunnel.

#10. Costa Concordia and this says it all.

#11. A tourist spotted quickly.

#12. Get down!

The perspective can be fun and sometimes confusing, don’t you think?¬†Share this gallery with your friends so that they too can be caught off guard by the prospect.

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