14 Photographs That Show How Perspective Can Change The Perception Of Reality.

The world is a matter of points of view, of opinions, of thoughts that are different and parallel to our own. Something not only the philosophers of life but also the most creative and keen photographers know; To create a small masterpiece of angle and perspective, you just need to know how to choose the right photographic lens, the right light, the right place, and the right moment. This photo gallery shows us once again how a good perspective can drastically change the perception of the reality around us.

#1. There is nothing better than a nap in the street before the next photo!

image credit: Unknown/Imgur

#2. Give me your hand !

image credit: Shikabamdesertwolf/Reddit

#3. Have the Great Wall of China … in your pocket!

image credit: arbili/Reddit

#4. The sinking of a cruise ship from a frightening point of view!

image credit: the_dyl_pickle/Reddit

#5. The prospect of autumn … inside a leaf!

image credit: Palifaith/Reddit

#6. It’s all a matter of … perspective!

image credit: Bleeedorange/Reddit

#7. The perspective game gives this dog a monstrous size!

image credit: jstrydor/Reddit

#8. Don’t you find this prospect rather confusing?

image credit: ArkadiusBear/Reddit

#9. A house in perspective … in perspective. Is that clear ?

image credit: malgoya/Reddit

#10. A spectacular perspective on the awe-inspiring nature of the Pyramid of Giza in Cairo!

image credit: differentviewz/Reddit

#11. A perspective from a new point of view … that of scale models!

image credit: Valens/Reddit

#12. When on the edge of a plastic glass, the challenge of perspective is between an ant and … a helicopter!

image credit: FishPimp/Reddit

#13. An unprecedented and awe-inspiring perspective from the length of a bridge

image credit: pm_me_your_thing/Reddit

#14. A gallery which makes the play of color perspective its greatest strength!

image credit: speaksthetruthalways/Reddit

Some of these ingenious images make us dizzy, others just make us shiver, but one thing is certain: it’s all about perspective!

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