These Images Show Us How Our World Will Never Cease To Amaze Us.

The wonders that our planet Earth has in store for us are endless, just as nature’s surprises are endless. Then comes the ingenuity of the human being, whose inventions have changed and shaped the world, sometimes for the worse, but also for the better. For you, we’ve rounded up some of the most amazing photos taken around the world that are sure to take your breath away!

#1. Inside this opal … a universe of colors!

image credit: © Proteon / reddit

#2. A ghost ship under Antarctic waters

image credit: © Unknown / imgur

#3. A monk who feeds a tiger …

image credit: © killerbunnyfamily / reddit

#4. Sunset over Europe

image credit: © NASA

#5. A Boeing 787 … completely empty!

image credit: © davidsoor / reddit

#6. A space shuttle leaving Earth’s atmosphere

image credit: © KurtClark / flickr

#7. A resolutely artistic honeycomb!

image credit: © Proteon / reddit

#8. This sunflower would have made Van Gogh envious!

image credit: © youandmeandrainbows / imgur

#9. This forest seen from above looks like a dragon’s eye!

image credit: © gizmo1044 / reddit

#10. What an artist, this spider!

image credit: © trooper843 / imgur

#11. A little cool under the tree!

#12. Looks more like a tornado than a flock of birds

image credit: © hispanic2003 / reddit

#13. Look what’s in this pelican ….

image credit: © ANTIVAX_JUGGALETTE / reddit

#14. A dive for Mr. Bear!

image credit: © Paul Souders / National Geographic

#15. A water bridge over a Belgian highway … wow!

image credit: © rankit / imgur

#16. The effect of the reflection on this reflecting pool seems to open up an underground world

image credit: © rufusjonz / reddit

#17. Tree struck by lightning three hours before this photo was taken

image credit: © zuki500 / reddit

#18. With the help of colored smoke, one can also study the direction of the wind!

image credit: © NationalArchives / reddit

#19. A golf hole hit the day before by a rather sassy lightning bolt!

image credit: © [deleted] / reddit

#20. This strawberry wants to introduce us to his sister … bearded!

image credit: © Repusnw / reddit

#21. The effect of ice on the trunks of these trees is exceptional.

image credit: © moonshineandromance / imgur

After seeing these images, it’s hard not to agree: our world is truly unique!

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