This House Was Built From 12 Shipping Containers. The Interior Is At Least As Surprising As The Exterior Appearance.

Although the idea of ​​building modern homes from shipping containers is not new, many people are still amazed at the incredible results achieved by using objects that are either disused or have a completely different basic use. There are many interesting projects that show how much easier it is to build a house from a container, even from an economic point of view.

Today we show you another construction, a beautiful industrial-style villa immersed in the greenery of New Zealand, made from no less than 12 shipping containers.

#1. Here it is, as it appears today on the site where it is for sale: but shortly before this photo, the appearance of the villa was completely different.

image credit: trademe

This magnificent villa is located in the Waikato region of New Zealand, in the leafy village of Ohaupo. Today, the exterior and interior suggest a sought after home, inspired by tastes of modern industrial style, and it doesn’t look like the home was built from simple shipping containers.

The house has a large open space that occupies the living area, six bedrooms, three guest bathrooms, and three bathrooms. In addition to the main building, the estate has an independent garage and a swimming pool.

#2. The house was built from 12 shipping containers.

image credit: Ohaupo Container House / Facebook

Despite its modern and refined appearance, the house is based on the construction of shipping containers. They were arranged in such a way as to give the final shape to the house, in particular by allowing the house to be characterized by a large glass wall between the two walls made up of stacked containers. 

#3. Container houses are advantageous over those built using traditional construction methods.

image credit: Ohaupo Container House / Facebook

Houses built from containers have some advantages over those built using traditional methods: firstly, they allow more freedom of construction – just arrange the containers one way or another and you get a completely different house plan. 

#4. Construction times are accelerated.

image credit: Ohaupo Container House / Facebook

Another positive aspect is the speed of construction : as the base is pre-built from containers, most of the work is concentrated on fixing the parts and covering the interior and exterior walls. 

#5. Container houses allow considerable savings to be made.

image credit : trademe

All of this translates into savings : Often the money saved by accelerated construction is used for sophisticated and modern furniture. This is why container houses are often beautiful villas. 

#6. Here is the New Zealand house finally assembled.

image credit: trademe

The manufacturer has chosen to keep the vertical strip structure typical of containers , to evoke the origin of this house. In addition, the exterior appearance already anticipates the modern industrial style of interior decoration. 

#7. The center of the house is an open space overlooked by a large metal staircase leading to the rooms on the upper floor.

image credit: trademe

#8. The interior also features a predominance of dark colors, but the rooms are anything but dark thanks to the large windows.

image credit: trademe

#9. Natural light is the undisputed protagonist of the rooms in this villa.

image credit: trademe

#10. The interior is very minimalist, as is the industrial style. The main materials are light wood and metal.

#11. When you visit the rooms, you quickly forget the origin of this house: the sea containers!

image credit: trademe

image credit: trademe

#12. The house also has an outdoor swimming pool.

image credit: trademe

#13. This magnificent New Zealand villa is for sale, and its ideal buyer is a family who appreciates the new frontiers of construction!

image credit: trademe

Would you live in a house built from containers? 

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