A Company Presents Its “House-cabin” On Wheels. It Is Small But Nothing Is Missing Inside

When we imagine a move into a new home, the first thought of many people immediately goes to a house that meets the “traditional” standards that we consider necessary to be considered. Among them, the fact of being bricked and well planted on the ground.

While all of this is true for most people, it is not for all those who decide to make an alternative lifestyle choice, settling in small homes and maybe even on wheels, a trend of. increasingly popular in many parts of the world. What we are going to present to you is a very original example of this phenomenon. It is produced by a company specializing in garden sheds, which has decided to diversify its activity with really special “little houses”. Ready to discover them?


image credit: Modern Shed

It is called Modern Shed and, as its name suggests, it is a reality entirely dedicated to the construction of storage huts to be placed in the outdoor spaces of houses, precisely those where tools or others are placed. What if one of these structures became a small house where you could live or a small office where you could work every day?


image credit: Modern Shed

This is probably the question that led to the realization of the DW (Dwelling on Wheels), a mobile home that, for 129,000 dollars, offers all the comforts one needs.


image credit: Modern Shed

If you think this is an idea of ​​little use or too expensive, wait before deciding because this original house is really ideal for anyone looking for an “extra” space to live, perhaps surrounded by nature and with convenience. to be able to change the location at any time, in complete freedom.


image credit: Modern Shed

Building on the success of mini-houses, Modern Shed decided to put their experience to good use in a brand new project that would allow people to change their approach to housing .


image credit: Modern Shed

In many cities around the world, the prices of “traditional” properties do not allow choices to be made as desired, which is why the bravest might find interesting and intriguing solutions like these.


image credit: Modern Shed

Inside, nothing is missing: living room with dining area, kitchen, bathroom and sleeping area . Everything is done to be pleasing to the eye and to the touch, with materials and design inspired by nature and practical simplicity, and each piece can find different uses, depending on the needs.


image credit: Modern Shed

Living in a place like this, on the other hand, also means making a few small compromises, but with a practical spirit of intelligent use of space, you will be able to appreciate it all.


image credit: Modern Shed

Big windows and smart solutions are at the heart of the DW, a tiny house that doesn’t want to look big but wants to make its small size nice. There is no shortage of environmentally friendly technologies for energy, lighting, and heating, as of today’s reality demands.


image credit: Modern Shed

In short: in a little over 20 square meters, this “super cabin” has all the ingredients to be an original, ecological, practical living solution in total freedom. What do you think? Would you like to go live in a small house like this?


image credit: Modern Shed

source used: Modern Shed

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