Hotels To Forget: 17 Times The Holidays Turned Into A Nightmare.

Have you ever waited impatiently for the moment of departure for your vacation and found yourself, once there, in the middle of a nightmare, or at least in a situation very far from your expectations?

If you answered yes, don’t worry: it hasn’t just happened to you and you are in great company. Months of waiting for the holidays, the search for the perfect place, the joy of leaving, the journey, and the disappointment, which materializes in the hotel, apartment or room where we have chosen to stay. Absurd design choices, poor standards of cleanliness, run-down facilities or far from what had been promised: all of this, and much more, can happen when we’re on vacation, and it certainly doesn’t make our business look good. very pleasant experience. The people who took the photos we’ve gathered below know this well. Do not miss the 17 examples of hotels to forget!

#1. You enter the bedroom and … you will find this waiting for you!

image credit: andydith/reddit

“The service staff at this Egyptian hotel came up with the idea of ​​’sculpting’ a monkey from towels, and put my underwear on.”

#2. What could be better than a room with a sea view?

image credit: Sappok/reddit

The sea is there, but to see it well, you have to try to ignore a whole series of other things …

#3. “Pool” area, to be understood in the sense of “billiards”

image credit: ohnoplata/reddit

When the expectation is really, really different from reality.

#4. Very accessible toilets for people with reduced mobility …

image credit: fildakoch/reddit

Kudos to whoever designed and built this toilet in a Russian hotel.

#5. You look out and find out the sad truth

image credit: Nevoska/reddit

A breathtaking view of the city? Not really, judging by the photo.

#6. The staircase that no one would ever want to take in their life

image credit: Zvek_Eagle/reddit

How is it possible to design such a structure?

#7. Hair dryer and shower: the perfect combo!

image credit: reddit

We have learned this since childhood: it is better to keep the hairdryer away from the water, but in this hotel bathroom it is not entirely clear yet!

#8. Bathroom … with window ?!

image credit: Misterpeaceguy/reddit

Are we really sure that it was a wise and reasoned architectural choice? 

#9. The perfect doorstop to trip over!

image credit: reddit

#10. In this hotel, it takes longer to enter the password than to surf the web …

image credit: reddit

#11. Could you walk quietly down this hallway?

image credit: Majoranese/reddit

It’s hard to imagine that customers feel comfortable with such a carpet …

#12. First rule: take convincing photos

image credit: Imgur

A beautiful and large swimming pool? Not exactly !

#13. Recycling? Not really…

image credit: reddit

All waste goes in the same bag!

#14. Another magnificent view of the sea

image credit: weully/reddit

Indeed, in this tiny space between the two buildings, the sea is there. What can we complain about?

#15. They told me the room had a balcony, I swear.

image credit: eidahl/reddit

Does it look like a balcony? We would have something to say about this subject …

#16. Good luck finding your room …

image credit: reddit

#17. Relax with a good shower at the hotel? Here, it may be a bit difficult!

image credit: reddit

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