This Hotel Is Built Entirely In Ice, Its Enchanting Interiors Seem To Have Come Out Of A Fairy Tale

There are places that can make us dream with our eyes open, even if we are far away or maybe we cannot be there. When we think of a hotel, for example, we certainly think of warm and cozy environments, where we can relax and indulge in luxuries little and big that we usually cannot have.

If this is your ideal hotel, what would you think if we told you that there is a hotel where you can have a memorable stay, especially because everything inside is made … of ice ? Although the ice hotels are no longer a novelty, the one in the far north of Sweden is the first of its kind, and contains some very exclusive environments. And that’s where we want to take you: wrap up before reading on!


image credit: Asaf Kliger – Icehotel

One of the most striking aspects of this very particular ice hotel is the fact that some of its rooms change from year to year as they are temporary, reserved for the colder months and then destined to melt. It goes without saying that staying inside one of them is a unique experience to say the least.


image credit: Asaf Kliger – Icehotel

Thanks to the collaboration with various artists, the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi welcomes its guests in spectacular and enchanting settings. Just like its ” sauna “, described as the coldest in the world, or the frozen forest , a suite with wonderful figures on the theme of nature, carved in ice.


image credit: Asaf Kliger – Icehotel

And the wonders don’t end there: many other sculptures surprise visitors with their special effects, and are splendid to admire even from afar. The hotel offers its fans a virtual tour service , with which they can better immerse themselves in its cold but enchanted reality and in its welcoming way.


image credit: Asaf Kliger – Icehotel

Originally born as an art gallery in 1989, the Icehotel has become over the years a real pole of attraction, an almost “cult” structure, capable of welcoming clients even in traditional , unglazed rooms. and heated.


image credit: Asaf Kliger – Icehotel

All in the name of environmental sustainability : the refrigeration and heating systems are powered by solar panels, arranged over an area of ​​600 square meters and fully operational during the summer months and warmer periods.


image credit: Asaf Kliger – Icehotel

“We hope that our artistic creations send a positive message to the whole world,” said Luca Roncoroni, Creative Director of the Icehotel.


image credit: Asaf Kliger – Icehotel

And indeed, one only has to look at the images of this incredible structure to be instantly fascinated .


image credit: Asaf Kliger – Icehotel

The sauna, the forest, the games room , the giant sculptures, the ice bar and the opportunity to learn how to carve ice: it all sounds like a fairy tale , and it’s almost hard to believe it is true.


image credit: Asaf Kliger – Icehotel

But all this does exist, and we just want to leave our daily realities for a moment to get lost and dream in this magical setting in the middle of Swedish Lapland.


image credit: Markus Bernet/Wikimedia

source of used: Icehotel

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