His Dog Has Only A Few Days To Live, He Carries Him In A Wheelbarrow For One Last Adventure Together

If you have a pet, you know how affectionate and happy they can be in our lives. Although they don’t have the gift of speech, our four-legged friends know how to communicate their feelings and moods: by purring or wagging their tails, they too feel unconditional affection. But their lives are short, and their masters often have to face the sad truth: sooner or later their faithful companions will leave. Having a pet means making the most of the time we spend together, knowing that sooner or later you’ll have to learn to let it go .


image credit: Nine Plus News/Youtube

We tell you the moving story of Carlos Fresco and his labradoodle Monty, inseparable for ten years. They shared many adventures, taking long walks and rock climbing in the mountains of the UK, but the dog fell ill with leukemia. Despite repeated attempts to fight off the disease, she kept coming back. The more time passed, the more Monty lacked the strength to do his favorite activities in the company of his master.


image credit: Nine Plus News/Youtube

Carlos then had to face a growing awareness: he knew he was living his last moments with his companion and that they didn’t have much time left. So he decided to honor his faithful friend and make him happy, with a gesture that moved a lot of people: Carlos took Monty to the top of Pen y Fan, Wales, for their last outing together. It’s their favorite mountain and they spent a lot of time playing it when they were on vacation. Carlos was accompanied to the top by a few friends, carrying Monty in a wheelbarrow .


image credit: Nine Plus News/Youtube

The mountains, the hills, the view: Monty watched it all, and although weak, he showed joy and gratitude. People passing through the hills stopped, impressed and moved by the master’s gesture. “Several strangers asked me if they could help me push Monty on his latest adventure; many of them shed tears because we all love our four-legged little friends …” Carlos said. .


image credit: Nine Plus News/Youtube

On June 21, 2021, just days after this latest and exciting adventure, Monty passed away in Carlos’ arms , leaving his best friend feeling empty but many memories, which we are sure will be preserved as the most precious of secrets.

source used: dailymail UK

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