Here Is The Worrying Aspect That The Hands Of Gamers Could Have In The Future.

Can hobbies become dangerous? The answer is: it depends. It depends on the type of hobby and the time you devote to it. Video games are a hobby for many people, who spend hours in front of a screen and holding a joystick in their hands. For some people, this is even a full-time job: the popularity of video games is growing and can also be an important source of income.


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With time and technological developments, joysticks have become more and more comfortable, ergonomic, and intuitive. They have changed shape and size to better suit the players and the gaming experience. In short, we have always believed that over time, technology would adapt to better suit the physique of the players. But what if the opposite happened? What if the human body adapts to our habits and transforms to suit the gaming experience? slots has speculated on what players’ hands might look like in the not-so-distant future. 


image credit: Slot Wise

SlotWise , as well as the company Cornelius Creative, which specializes in games, have therefore produced a surreal and disturbing image. what players’ hands might look like in the future. From the published images, it can be seen that the hands could form and adapt to hold the controllers, for optimal gaming performance. We don’t know if these controllers will be larger in the future, but it is believed that our fingers – especially the index and middle fingers – could lengthen and become incredibly large compared to the rest of the hand; it is also believed that the ring finger might become smaller. The resulting image is from statistics showing how players hold the controller and use it for many hours, which also causes the muscles in the hand to stretch. 


image credit: Slot Wise

According to the Managing Director of Cornelius Creative, “The controllers, as they are, are ergonomically designed. However, the more immersive experience of some games requires more buttons to play. manufacturers are responsible for designing controllers that reduce the impact on our physiology. ” 

source used: Slot Wise

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