Here Is The Chair For All Those Who Like To Sit At The Desk With Their Legs Crossed.

Spending too much time sitting can cause more or less serious damage to our bodies. Despite the frenzy that characterizes large cities, a sedentary lifestyle is quite common these days. The risk of having back pain is very likely, especially if you do office work, in front of a computer screen. There are several alternatives that each of us can put into practice to overcome the difficulties associated with a lack of physical activity, and in that sense, one company has designed a chair suitable for those who really want to feel comfortable in the office. 


These chairs with a simple and refined design were designed by an American company called Health by Design. The goal of each chair is not only to provide the physical support necessary to endure hours of work while seated but also to do so in the most comfortable way possible.

The real novelty of these chairs is that they allow you to sit cross-legged and rest your feet and legs on a rigid support, mounted just below the padded seat of the chair.

You can start saying goodbye to calf cramps and back pain!


If you have back problems or suffer from frequent leg muscle cramps, this chair may be for you. Not exactly cheap, but could still be a good investment in health: they are called Soul Seats and on the company’s website you can buy their products.


In short, a remarkable alternative to classic ergonomic chairs which often have nothing ergonomic …

source used: My Soul Seat

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