15 People Who Asked For Help On The Internet To Identify Absurd Objects And Who Found The Answers

While walking down the street or rummaging through family heirlooms, have you ever seen things whose identity you don’t know? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, every day on social networks and forums thousands of people ask for help or advice on the most diverse subjects.

Whether it was an ancient object left as an heirloom by the great-grandmother or strange animals found in a meadow, those who shared these images had no idea what they were seeing. Here is what the different users on the web have answered.

#1. “This is a Gibson produced at the turn of the 20th century. It is probably worth a lot more than you think …”

image credit: Reverend_Mikey/Reddit

#2. “These are European red snails breeding.”

image credit: Achilles_Of_Reddit/Reddit

#3. The currency of the Philippines during the invasion of Japan in 1941.

image credit: current / reddit

#4. “Protection against data exchange with a USB memory”.

image credit: SkorGaming / Reddit

#5. “a primary fan to prevent flies from settling on top of the food”

image credit: Bbbodypaint/Reddit

#6. “A perfect example of insect eggs in salad bags!”

image credit: GrandpaSquarepants/Reddit

#7. “It’s just a solar thermal system.”

image credit: ddIuTTuIbb/Reddit

#8. “A Soviet anti-vehicle missile”

image credit: WhySoSadCZ/Reddit

#9. “These bubbles on the roof indicate that this is a Bubbl car, a private transport service. The drivers are all retired or off-duty former police officers.”

image credit: AllAmericanHero28/Reddit

#10. “Some spiders get like this when attacked by parasites or fungi.”

image credit: iDrinkOxygen / Reddit

#11. “She’s a doll that absorbs all the worries when she’s placed under the pillow at night.”

image credit: Zbunny666/Reddit

#12. “A sticker from the 1992 US election campaign.”

image credit: alongyourfuselage / Redit

#13. “A key that belongs to a crowbar. If you found it in the door, a thief has probably visited you.”

image credit: TheNinjaJedi/Reddit

#14. “On this rock, the trunk of a very old tree has become impregnated. It can almost be considered a fossil”.

image credit: livefast_dieawesome/Reddit

#15. “A parasite which replaces the tongue of fish by stealing food from it.”

image credit: oJHzgzUHu/Reddit

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