He Wins The Jackpot And Withdraws The Money Disguised As Darth Vader To Avoid Being Recognized

Raise your hand if you’ve never dreamed of winning the lottery. For many, not too much money would be enough, just enough to cover their immediate needs and perhaps enjoy some peace of mind in the future. But what if the payoffs really matter?

True, it’s a rather rare possibility, but it does happen. And at that moment, it is hard to believe it, so much so that we are ready to do anything to protect ourselves. Even pretending to be someone else, a creature from a galaxy far, far away, for example. The reference to Star Wars is not accidental, since we are going to present to you a man who, having become rich, decided to disguise himself to recover his prize. How? ‘Or’ What ? He turned into the historical antagonist of the science fiction saga, Darth Vader !


image credit: Supreme Ventures Ltd/Twitter

The episode is one that immediately manages to grab attention, circling the world on social media and media. We are in Jamaica, and the man in question, identified as W. Brown – a name obviously and deliberately coined – said that when he won the lottery jackpot, some US $ 651,000 ($ 95 million Jamaicans), he had no intention of being seen, so opted for the disguise.

The rules state that lottery winners must show up in person to collect their winnings. Even if Brown would gladly have done without, we can say that he still managed to conceal his identity . And he did it in a spectacular and unforgettable way, to say the least.


image credit: Supreme Ventures Ltd/Twitter

In order not to be recognized by his friends and family, he impersonated what has been described as the third greatest villain in movie history . Covered in a creepy helmet and a fearsome black cloak, he pocketed the check, stating that he did not yet know what he was going to do with the money he had earned.

“My life has always been very difficult,” he said. “I come from a poor family, but I always thought that someday things would change. I couldn’t believe I had won. ! “

To this singular winner, the lottery has decided to dedicate a rather emblematic tweet. “May the millions be with you” they wrote, still paraphrasing Star Wars, and we can only associate ourselves with that wish!

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 New York Post

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