He Was Forbidden To Fly The Pride Flag: He Reacted By Lighting Up The Whole House In The Colors Of The Rainbow.

Living in a neighborhood in close contact with its neighbors is not easy: there are rules, not necessarily written, that must be respected. In America, there is the Home Owner’s Association (HOA), an association of owners often formed by a real estate expert for the purpose of marketing, managing and selling homes in apartment complexes. A resident was asked by the HOA to remove the rainbow flag displayed on his porch. The person, who has remained anonymous, followed the instructions and recounted on Reddit his response to that request.


image credit: memonf/imgur

The resident was instructed to remove the rainbow flag, a symbol of freedom, because there would be a rule that only the flag of the United States of America can be displayed – and therefore be visible by other residents of the neighborhood. This totally new rule was created in response to the position taken by residents, who set out their thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement.

The surfer said: “ Due to some neighbors who display BLM flags and other claim flags, our HOA decided last month that we are only allowed to show the US flag and nothing else. the day after the decision, we received an email stating that someone had reported our Pride flag (which we had at home since 2016) and that we needed to remove it. We complied and removed the flag. new rules, we noticed that removable lights are allowed without restrictions, so …. we bought six colorful spotlights and lit our house with the colors of the rainbow. Much more fun for anyone who complains about the flag and what it stands for.

So this man could not display the flag but decided to honor his thoughts anyway. The surfer received a lot of approval, and after sharing the images of his illuminated house, he was inundated with positive comments: African-American rights matter, women’s rights matter, LGBTQ + community rights matter. , and it is important not to let others limit our opinions and our ability to express them. People also wondered how the HOA reacted to this response, which certainly did not go unnoticed by residents of the neighborhood.

source used: memon17/reddit

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