He throws a plastic bottle out of the car window but a 1-year-old picks it up and gives it back to him

The video of a child picking up a plastic bottle from the side of the road and returning it to the driver who had uncivilizedly thrown it out the window has gone viral. In the clip that was shared online, an empty plastic bottle is seen being thrown out of the window of a parked car; this gesture prompted a child to walk to where the bottle had rolled and pick it up. Shortly after, the child is seen reaching the car and handing the bottle to the driver through the window. 

The boy’s mother, Jing Lulu, said her son was probably just trying to be helpful – believing the person had dropped the bottle by mistake, he simply returned it.

However, we like to think that he is a young environmental activist . The child, named Sun Jiarui, lives in Jining city, Shandong province, eastern China, with his mother, who was credited with capturing the precious moment.

Douyin/Jing Lulu

Jing shared that she has a habit of filming her son when she goes out for a walk with him and that’s why she was able to capture this sweet moment and share it online. 

Douyin/Jing Lulu

What can I say, it seems that Sun respects the Planet! Jing, in this regard, added: “That day, he probably thought that the bottle had fallen from the car by accident. He is a very simple child. If he sees other people dropping objects, he always helps them pick up everything. ” The little one is only one year and three months old and probably does not have a strong sense of environmental protection; yet, with his gesture he taught a lesson to the driver of the car and to all those who continue to throw waste into the street.

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