He Throws A Hard Drive Containing 7,500 Bitcoins. He Now Offers 56 Million To The City To Recover It In The Dump

The Bitcoin , a virtual currency, is a concept that we hear a lot more about today than yesterday. Since 2009 when it was introduced, its history has been rather checkered, and its value has seen ups and downs until it skyrockets from 2017.

It goes without saying that those who had a bitcoin “wallet” ended up with a fortune in their hands. The man we’re about to tell you about was one of those lucky holders. Yes, we wrote “was” because, unfortunately for him, he is no longer one. His precious coins, along with one of his old hard drives, ended up in a landfill, and now he would really do anything to get them back.


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It was in 2013 that the Welshman James Howells, computer scientist by profession, decided to buy no less than 7,500 bitcoins . A beautiful wallet, which at the time of the facts cost him little, given the much lower value of virtual currency compared to today.

So James bought them. Years went by and, over time, Howells threw away the hard drive he had saved his coins on, no problem because he thought he had saved everything. But to his great misfortune, he hadn’t, and after realizing the unforgivable mistake, he began to go to great lengths to make up for the situation. Its bitcoins, according to quotes from January 2021, would be worth more than 226 million euros !


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His story was quickly covered by the media and caused a stir in the UK. As he relates, James immediately went to the landfill where he thinks his hard drive has failed, but to no avail. Undeterred, he made a memorable offer to authorities in his hometown of Newport.

What is it about ? A donation equal to 25% of the value of his bitcoins which, if found, would mean around 56.5 million euros to be distributed equally to all citizens. In return, Howells enlisted the city’s help in locating his hard drive by digging and rummaging through the landfill, assuming it was still intact.


image credit: BBC News/Youtube

Unfortunately for him, the authorities categorically refused , claiming that the operation would have too great an environmental and economic impact, also considering that there is no guarantee that the bitcoins will still be usable as they were in 2013. Although the man has assured that, if found, he would know who to turn to to retrieve the data, he now appears to be stuck in a glaring digital mishap .

Indeed, like Howells, several people have lost their virtual bitcoin wallet, even though it would have been extremely valuable. One thing is certain: in the increasingly digitized world we live in, it is always good to carefully back up and preserve your data!

Source used:

The Guardian

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