He Stacks Over 1,500 Jenga Blocks On A Single Brick: He Broke His Own World Record.

Do you know Jenga? The game in which you have to balance dozens of wooden bricks to form a tower that keeps itself in balance is for much more than a passion or a simple pastime. Kevin, the boy we’re about to tell you about, knows a thing or two about it.

We can define him, without running the risk of exaggeration, as a true master of Jenga. The reason? He managed to stack no less than 1,512 pieces on top of each other, forming a single “sculpture” that it would be simplistic to define as memorable. If you’ve ever played this game, you know very well that it takes a lot of patience, a steady hand and the right concentration to climb higher and higher with your bricks without everything falling down. Well: to understand the magnitude of the feat accomplished by Kevin, just multiply each piece to be moved by more than 1,500!


image credit: Menga_TV/Youtube

Kevin is kind of a Jenga celebrity. Known on Twitter as MengaManX , this boy doesn’t just play with it, he creates real sculptures. Concentration, calm, and precision even led him to set a world record . In February 2021, the young player indeed managed to stack around 1,150 pieces . But the best is yet to come.


image credit: Menga_TV/Youtube

Not content with his record, Kevin continued to try his hand at bricks, until he succeeded in creating a huge round-shaped Jenga, which consists of 1,512 pieces, all resting on a single base! In front of a work of this kind, words are almost superfluous: one by one, the boy has positioned the pieces without missing a single stroke.


image credit: Menga_TV/Youtube

video of his feat has been shared on Youtube, and seeing it in action is absolutely thrilling. In the footage, shown in time-lapse to recap what he did in seconds, Kevin’s heartbeat can also be seen, continuously monitored for the duration of his incredible wooden construction. At the height of the tension, his heart rate was 154 bpm, and we understand why given the difficulty of his feat!


image credit: Menga_TV/Youtube

The boy therefore broke his own world record , and is certainly a real example for all those who love this game. A few minutes after laying the last brick, the structure collapsed, not without having been – fortunately – abundantly immortalized. ” I thought it was impossible – he commented – imagine my satisfaction when I proved that I can surpass myself”.


image credit: Menga_TV/Youtube

Spectacular, isn’t it? Would you have the patience to undertake such a feat? This boy would make any group of friends who play Jenga blush with shame!

Below is the link to the video which shows Kevin breaking his own world record:


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