He Spends €22,000 At The Vet To Save His Dog, “I’m Ready To Sell My House”

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, because a real harmony is created between doggies and their masters. Animals are able to sense the emotions and feelings of their masters and are always ready to respond, for example by snuggling up to them to cheer them up if necessary. Conversely, humans are also ready to do anything for their four-legged friends .

Like the man in this story, who, when he found out his dog was unwell, didn’t back down and spent over £20,000 (about $22,000) to treat him. 

Jaxon Feeley/Facebook

Jaxon Feeley from Wigan, England is the owner of Rambo, a two-year-old pooch. Suddenly the dog didn’t feel well and it was unclear what was wrong with him. Therefore, his master immediately tried to intervene to find out what was going on and decided to take him to the vet immediately. After an initial analysis, the doctors opted for surgery. The cost of the operation, however, was around £20,000, which was too much for Jaxon, who works as a prison officer. To save Rambo, however, he was ready for anything.

“I’m ready, explained Jaxon, to do anything for my little dog. I could never forgive myself if I didn’t give him the best chance to fight his way out. Insurance does not cover salary only up to 6,500 GBP (7,200 EUR), if I have to sell my house to help him, I don’t care, I will .”

Jaxon, in order to pay for the expensive operation to save Rambo, was willing to do whatever he could, so much so that he decided to start a fundraiser on GoFundMe. Her heartfelt appeal prompted many people to step in and help them both.

“I am writing this message to ask for a little help, to bring my little angel home. Rambo is only two years old, he is the most beautiful dog I have ever known. He does not like anything more than his big brother Rocky, he loves hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma and playing house licking everyone’s face. He deserves a better life than what’s happening to him .”

Fortunately, today Rambo is fine and has returned home to his family. Would you have done the same for your four-legged friend?

source used- https://www.facebook.com/jaxryderfeeley / Daily Mail

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