He Parks His Van On The Beach, In A No-parking Zone, And Finds It Submerged In Water.

Raise the hand who has never had a hard time finding a parking spot, or who has never witnessed people leaving their vehicles in the most absurd and disparate places, disregarding all the rules of the world. road and common sense.

As we all know, parking is often a problem, and it is not uncommon for it to become a source of arguments and anger among motorists. Sometimes it seems like some people just don’t care how they leave their car, through carelessness, superficiality, or simple distraction. The motorist we are going to tell you about can only be one of those people. The reason for this choice is sufficiently clear in the photos. After completely ignoring no-parking signs, karma and nature took their course, and her van ended up taking a bath!


image credit: Backgrid – Metro

Distracted driving can happen to anyone, just as it can happen that you are fined for it. It must be said that the British driver in question set a sort of disastrous parking record .

In the middle of a summer Sunday, he parked his van on the beach at Newquay harbor in Cornwall, thinking the no-parking signs and repeated warnings were a joke and nothing would happen. he left it there. Unfortunately for him, he was sorely mistaken.


image credit: Backgrid – Metro

After taking out his jet ski and arguing with a port official, the man left the van where it shouldn’t be. Ignoring the signs, warnings, and recommendations of the port manager, he launched into the sea with his jet ski, not imagining that on his return he would find his van floating in the sea.


image credit: CornwallLive

The phenomenon of rising tides is well known in Cornwall. And the Port of Newquay is no different. Again, the water level rose within hours, eventually reaching the spot where the reckless motorist had parked his van. The vehicle was not spared by the force of the sea, which slowly overwhelmed it almost entirely, causing it to float. Just in time for its owner to come back and find it in this condition.


image credit: Backgrid – Metro

After all, the signs were clear and it cost him dearly to ignore them, especially considering that his vehicle was not amphibious. The “rescue” and abduction of the van took several hours, and the story immediately went viral, with many commenting in outrage and amusement. Who knows if this motorist has now learned to take into account road signs!

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