He Installs An Electric Fence To Prevent Children From Entering His Lawn: This Man Divides Public Opinion.

What is the right balance between the right to peace and respect for others? It’s very difficult to answer a question like this, especially in neighborhood contexts, where we often don’t like the people around us, for one reason or another.

However, the man we’re about to talk about decided to address what was a serious problem for him in a rather drastic and hostile way. What is it about? The neighborhood children “invaded” his lawn while playing or while waiting for the school bus.


image credit: WSLS 10/Youtube

Who hasn’t dealt with an unfriendly or cranky neighbor? Well: the American in question, a resident of Virginia, has been a big part of both. His gesture quickly went around the world when he proudly showed everyone his find to prevent children from entering the lawn around his house.


image credit: WSLS 10/Youtube

An electric fence. Bryan Tucker, tired of the trash and dirt he found on his green space, decided to eliminate the problem once and for all. And he didn’t do it with a simple fence or a few panels, but with an electrified fence worthy of a super-protected and somehow hostile place.

“All I can do is protect myself and that’s why I decided to put up a fence,” said Tucker, who was asked about the incident by several local media outlets, adding: “I don’t take care of other people’s children, I don’t tell them what to do. “


image credit: WSLS 10/Youtube

However Tucker presents it, such a gesture is certainly not a sign of benevolence and tolerance . This is why, when the news started to circulate, many people criticized him harshly, claiming that Bryan had done something dangerous and exaggerated with his electrified fence.


image credit: WSLS 10/Youtube

However, there was no lack of people who defended and justified his gesture. According to these people, the need to keep one’s own space tidy and not always have to repair the damage caused by others were sufficient reasons for putting this fence in place. So Tucker’s gesture literally divided opinions .


image credit: WSLS 10/Youtube

One thing is certain: children and young people passing by or waiting for the school bus will have to be very careful. What do you think? Did he go too far or was he right?

source used: WSLS 10/Youtube

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