He Has A Gravestone In The Cemetery And A Paid Funeral, But He’s Still Alive And Healthy: The Unusual Tale Of A 56-year-old Man.

You can never be too careful in life. This gentleman, at the center of a story that could be described as somewhat unusual, knows it well. It is no coincidence that he gained the attention of many media for what he did, defying all forms of superstition.

The reason ? It’s simple: his name, with his photo and date of birth, is already in the cemetery , on a brand new gravestone chosen by him. This Italian has decided to make an important decision for his future, taking care of his own grave as if he was no longer in this world.


image credit: Pixabay – Not the actual photo

No incurable disease , no decision made because of old age. The 56-year-old Sicilian man in question is in excellent health and is not at all “old”. And yet, he has already planned his funeral and burial in every detail, from the grave to the photo, not to mention the farewell words.

The only thing left blank, for obvious reasons, is the date of his death. Everything has been paid for: while waiting for the fateful day, he has thought of everything, even the vase of flowers to be placed on the grave, which he takes care of, that goes without saying.


image credit: Wyoming Public Media – Not the actual photo

We know that the man, without wife or child , decided to take precautions after the death of his only brother. Putting aside all possible superstitions, he took his courage in hand, contacted a funeral director, and bought a funeral grant. Thinking that no one would likely be able to deal with the practicalities once he was gone, he even wrote his own epitaph, which was signed by his nephews, who knew nothing about it, as well as by his closest family, who had already passed away.

And the 56-year-old never misses an opportunity to take care of his posthumous “house” and keep it in pristine condition, buying for himself the flowers he loves most, the roses. Satisfied with his foresight, he can really sleep comfortably, hoping of course that he will settle there as late as possible! What do you think ? Extravagance or just precaution?

source used: Sky Tg 24

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