He Goes Out With The Metal Detector And Returns Home Millionaire: He Has Found Priceless Viking Treasure.

For many people, the metal detector is a real passion, so important that in some cases it becomes an indispensable engine to search almost everywhere for possible treasures hidden underground. When these treasures appear, everything becomes even more concrete.

Derek McLennan knows all about it, this Scotsman who, armed with his trusty metal detector, was at the center of a discovery that literally changed his life overnight. His instrument, in fact, did not sound upon detecting the presence of the usual – although fascinating – vintage object or of some residue of little importance, it allowed him to unearth a real national treasure, one of the most important archaeological finds in recent Scottish history.


image credit: The Scotsman

When Derek decided to try his hand at hiking, traveling to an area north of Hadrian’s Wall, he never imagined what he would have come back with.


image credit: The Scotsman

Precious jewelry, a gold ring, a decorated and enameled cross: everything had been there, almost as if it had all been waiting for it, for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Because it turns out that the ancient objects found by McLennan date back to the tenth century . With two friends out with him, Derek couldn’t believe his eyes when the archaeological findings presented themselves to them.


image credit: The Scotsman

If the first thought they were dealing with the usual items of little value, the reality of the facts was ready to surprise them. It was enough to clean the objects a little to understand that they were ancient, beautiful, and precious testimonies.


image credit: The Scotsman

The cross of St. Andrew was a symbol commonly used by the Vikings, and knowing that he had made a great discovery, Derek immediately contacted the Treasure Trove Unit and the National Museum of Scotland, who sent archaeologists to the site. The researchers got to work, along with McLennan, and ended up removing all the objects from this wonderful treasure.

The artifacts were discovered one by one, cataloged by the researchers for a total of about 100 units. It is no coincidence that this find has been called “one of the most important Viking treasures ever to be found in Scotland”.


image credit: The Scotsman

The objects were all acquired by the National Museum, but not before Derek received a nice reward for his discovery. Those priceless historical coins his metal detector spotted fetched him $ 1.4 million . Not bad is not it ?


image credit: The Scotsman

source used: The Scotsman

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