When He Returns From The Hospital, He Finds His Pavilion Surrounded By 178 New Houses.

Anyone who lives or has lived in the same place for many years knows that there can be a lot of changes over time, and you have to get used to the fact that the landscape you are used to seeing may not be the same from day today. This is especially true in the case of growing suburbs and urban neighborhoods, where new buildings can change the landscape forever in a short period of time .

And sometimes change is so rapid and unexpected that it comes as a shock and leaves those who experience it speechless, like the man we are about to tell you about. Would you ever think of returning after a period of hospitalization and discovering that your once solitary and quite isolated house is now literally surrounded by almost 180 new constructions ?


It is the bad adventure experienced by a 70-year-old Englishman, Charlie Wright, a man who has always loved the place where he has lived for years, Birkenhead. This city close to Liverpool, like many others, has seen a strong expansion in terms of construction. Many local families were encouraged by the authorities to move, with money and new homes, but Charlie decided to say “no”.

“It was my parents’ house, he said, I was born and raised there. When they started demolishing the other houses around mine, I always refused to move .” So for a long time, there was a kind of “emptiness” around his pavilion until things changed in a completely unexpected way.


image credit: Pxhere – Not the actual photo

The tranquility and isolation that Mr. Wright enjoyed no longer exist, and everything has changed in a short time. To be precise, in the space of about a year Charlie was in the hospital, away from his beloved home in Ilchester Road, which had meanwhile gone through a momentous change.

In record time, a whole sprawling subdivision sprung up around the property of the septuagenarian, who found himself completely surrounded on his return. Where there was nothing before, there are now 178 houses, the result of a local building plan that took shape during his absence.


image credit: Axel Drainville/Flickr – Not the actual photo

It is almost useless to dwell on Charlie’s astonishment at his return. His neighborhood was completely different, and his home, so jealously guarded, was now just one of many neighboring houses. The story is so incredible that the man decided to make it public in the media, arousing many reactions of indignation and sympathy. Despite this unpleasant surprise, Mr. Wright said he was determined not to give up on his resolutions. ” Nothing changes for me, I’m not going to move from here, he said, I have so many good memories and I want to live in the family home forever.”

What do you think of this story? How would you have reacted in his place?

Source used:


 Liverpool Echo

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