He Finds A Tip From A Customer Who Knew The Restaurant Was Going To Close: He Can’t Believe His Eyes.

Managing a restaurant is not easy. First of all, you have to be in constant contact with the customers, try to meet their demands, then manage the staff, but above all, the most important aspect is to make ends meet. You have to constantly monitor expenses, discuss with suppliers and, finally, pay staff. But when the expenses exceed the income, because the number of customers decreases, the only solution is to close. Even if we don’t want it. However, there are cases where loyal customers, to see the shutter of their favorite establishment still open, show great generosity.

Indeed, the bar, at the center of the story we are about to tell, was about to close permanently, but a customer made an extraordinary gesture . Let’s take a closer look at what it is.


Brendon Ring is the owner of a place called Nighttown, in Cleveland, Ohio (USA). The restaurant was very popular, both for the food on offer and the live music. It was always full. But the pandemic changed the situation: once the establishment reopened, customers became increasingly rare and the expenses increasingly important. Keeping the restaurant open for the owners was becoming unsustainable. There was only one way, and Brendon had already made up his mind: Nighttown had to be closed forever .


The day before closing, however, luck decided not to turn its back on the owner. Indeed, a man showed up at the bar and ordered only one beer, which cost him 7 dollars. When asking for the bill, the stranger speaks directly to Brendon, takes the receipt and corrects the final amount. He crossed out the total and added $3,000 . The final bill was 3007.

The client wished to remain anonymous and explained that he left the sum for the sole purpose of encouraging the owner and his staff to continue. Hoping for a bright future for the Nighttown.


The owner couldn’t believe his eyes and asked the donor if he was sure, maybe he was wrong, but this gesture was just to encourage everyone and keep the activity going. When Brendon saw the sum, he was moved and decided to split the tip with his employees.

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via Cleveland Scene

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