He Buys His First House At 19 And Says That All Young People Can Do It: “It’s A Matter Of Choice”

The new generations live with a constant feeling of insecurity: it is more and more difficult to find a stable and secure job and it is, therefore, more and more difficult to make plans. Starting a family, getting married, and buying a house are increasingly distant goals. A young man, however, managed to achieve his goal – to buy a house – at only 19 years old and says that all young people can do it, that it is a prospect within everyone’s reach.


image credit: Lancs Live

Josh Parrott – a young man living in Stockport, Greater Manchester – bought his first house for £ 115,000 when he was just 19. To do this, he started working during his school years and always saved money. After becoming the owner of the house, however, he decided not to move there and live there: he decided to rent it out and continue to live with his parents, thus saving enough money to buy another. house worth £ 140,000 when he was 21. Today Josh is 22 and thinks it is time to move out and buy a third house and he says that just like him, other young people can take this path.


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The boy said: ” There is no reason that people my age cannot buy houses. You just have to get past the mentality that you do certain things at a certain age. It wasn’t a question. to be very smart or whatever. You just have to make the most of home life – it’s not as expensive as renting privately or through an agency. I never wasted any money to go out and I spent next to nothing on clothes. All my friends said I was boring. ” In summary, according to the young man, it’s a matter of choices and priorities: it is not necessary to have a lot of money set aside or to have a high salary, but you have to save as much as possible and invest in the goods you buy by letting them. Josh is clear: at the age of 30, he wants to own 10 houses, rent 9, and only live in one. According to his calculations, that would allow him to retire – or work much less – in 30 years. Making sacrifices today to enjoy life tomorrow – that’s what Josh is thinking, do you agree?

source used: Lancs Live

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