He Buys A Packet Of Salad And Finds A Little Frog Inside: It’s Now His Pet (+ Video).

Would you ever have thought of opening a regular sachet of salad and being … in the company? This is exactly what happened to the man at the center of the curious story we are about to tell you.

A gesture that we all make day after day, for this person, turned into the beginning of a very special friendship, that with a frog who soon became his pet .


A single package of lettuce, purchased by Simon Curtis, a 35-year-old American from Tulsa, Oklahoma, was anything but a food container. Inside, the man can only notice an unexpected presence. It was about a little frog, which Simon quickly took to heart, so much so that he decided to share his story, which quickly went viral on the web.

While many people would have reacted to the sight of a small amphibian living in a sachet of lettuce with amazement or sent the animal back to the wild, Curtis did not. The 35-year-old opened the bag of lettuce on December 20, 2021 and decided from there to document on Twitter a story that doesn’t look like it’s going to end.


image credit: Simon Curtis/Twitter

According to him, it was too cold to release the frog into the wild . So what to do? After a quick thought, Simon decided to give this curious green amphibian a name and take care of it as it would any other pet. This is how her friendship with Tony was born.

After arranging a special living space for the frog, he fed and cared for it following the advice of many people who made themselves available to him for any information he needed. His plans for the future? Further improve Tony’s living environment , recreate it specifically according to all of his natural needs. And Simon couldn’t be happier about it all.


“I was happy to find something alive in the products I eat,” he said. “I take it as a sign of the honesty of the brand, which sells truly natural products, and I am inclined to keep Tony as a pet “.

In short: a story of friendship born in a very special way . What do you think ? Would you take care of a frog as you would a dog or a cat?

source used: Simon Curtis/Twitter

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