Harpy Eagle: The Endangered Raptor So Big It Looks Like A Masked Human.

In classical mythology, harpies are described as terrible monstrous figures with the face of a woman and the body of a bird. These are only legends, of course, but in reality, the fierce harpies, although they are in danger of extinction, they do exist and appear as birds of prey of incredible size. Their majestic appearance can be deceiving at first sight: when you see a photo of the raptor, many think you are in front of a person wearing a strange and disturbing feathered costume. This is enough to understand how large its size is.


image credit: Instagram / birds.nature

Its appearance is so unique that you could spend hours trying to figure out if it reminds us more of a Pokémon or the fusion between an alien form and a prehistoric bird. In any case, it is obviously a predator that favors large prey: monkeys, Bradypus, birds, snakes, and porcupines are among its favorite victims. Fortunately, humans are not on his list!


image credit: Instagram / animalplanet

There are two types of Harpy Eagle: the American one and the Papuan one. Both should be taken seriously, as they are the largest and most powerful birds of prey found in rainforests around the world. In addition, they are among the largest species of eagles on planet Earth: their wingspan can reach 224 cm and their weight can vary between 3.8 and 9 kg.


image credit: Instagram / leon_moore_nature_experience

For many, the Harpy Eagle is just a legend because it is not seen very often. This is mainly due to the gradual loss of habitat for this wonderful bird, mainly due to the deforestation of the Amazon. Today there are just under 50,000 left in the world.

With claws like that, it is better not to rub too much!


image credit: Photobucket


image credit: Wikimedia / Bjørn Christian Tørrissen


image credit: Flickr / cuatrok77

Despite its usually very menacing appearance, the Harpy Eagle has a somewhat “comical” appearance. But she’s still a bird of prey, so don’t take her lightly!


image credit: Flickr / cuatrok77


image credit: Flickr / cuatrok77


image credit: Flickr / Colin Hepburn


image credit: Flickr/ The Next Gen Scientist


image credit: Reddit


image credit: Flickr / cuatrok77

An elegant, majestic and also a little disturbing bird.

source used: Wikipedia

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