He Buys A Hamburger For His Lunch Break, His Vegan Colleague Sees Him And Asks Him To Go Eat It Elsewhere

It is not always easy to be with others, especially in tight environments where we share hours and hours with people who, potentially, can be very different from us. It is precisely in these situations that even a simple gesture, considered 100% harmless, can become a problem for those around us, giving rise to rather unpleasant situations.

This is certainly a “lesson” learned by the person we are about to tell you about, who decided to tell his story on Reddit, asking for the opinion of the web. What happened? It’s simple: when web user throwaway1035782 pulled out a burger for lunch in the break room, a vegan colleague allegedly berated him by asking him to go out and eat. The episode in question sparked a heated debate.


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Where does other people’s freedom end if they do something we don’t like, and what are the limits? These are questions that spring to mind when reading this story. According to the author of the post on Reddit, his vegan colleague Clémence (a fictitious name to protect his privacy) would have asked him, nauseated and annoyed, to go out to eat his burger, after having only seen the bag of fast food where he had it. ‘had bought.

So the internet user would not even have had time to get out his lunch as he would have immediately received complaints from his colleague. According to him, the relationship between the two was generally serene and cordial, although the woman clearly did not accept that, not far from her, anyone could eat meat.

“I had been craving a hamburger for a few days, so I went to buy one and was mouth-watering. As soon as Clemence noticed the bag that contained it, she immediately pointed out to me that I couldn’t eat it there, even though it was the only restroom and it was cold and snowing outside. “


image credit: Piqsels – Not the actual photo

The Internet user, convinced that the colleague was exaggerating, began to eat anyway, then left. It was then that he received complaints from other colleagues suggesting that he compromise. Obviously, Clemence had told everyone what had happened in the canteen.

Telling the story on the web, throwaway1035782 sincerely asked if he had really done his coworker any harm, even admitting that he felt guilty for making her feel bad. The post sparked a huge debate, with hundreds and hundreds of comments. To be sure, the issue of coexistence and respect between those with different eating habits is always a burning one, and a situation like this is one of those classic times when you risk getting into conflict.

So how do you go about it? Should the man have accepted his vegan colleague’s requests, or was he right to maintain his position? Let us know what you think in the comments.

source used: throwaway1035782/Reddit

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