Japan, A Colossal “Gundam” Robot Takes Its First Steps. It Is The Largest In The World

Robots and giant machines that move controlled by men inside them, in futuristic settings worthy of the best film of the genre: we do not describe the plot of a science fiction story, but a situation which, in a country like Japan, maybe quite real.

This is correct, because judging by the colossal “creature” that we are about to present to you, it seems that Japanese engineers cannot resist creations like this, which exert a timeless fascination on them (and on Japanese culture. in general). Although the coronavirus pandemic has slowed its construction, the completion of what Popular Mechanics says will be the world’s largest humanoid robot is now a reality and this giant has already started to move.


image credit: Michael Overstreet/Youtube

It is over 18 meters high , a tonnage that far exceeds the height of many “common” buildings that we are used to seeing, and weighs no less than 25 tons. With such numbers, it is not difficult, when looking at it, to be immediately catapulted into the realities depicted in the manga and the cartoon “Gundam” and to be completely fascinated by them.

According to Popular Mechanics, the “creature” will be able to walk in all aspects, since the engineers who designed and built it gave it great freedom of movement. To better understand its size, you should know that only one of its hands (with moving fingers of course) measures nearly 2 meters !

For now, the gigantic robot is jealously guarded in a hangar near the port of Yokohama, south of the capital Tokyo, until its assembly is completed and it makes its official public debut. In a video that invades the web, we can already see him moving his right leg. A “creature” like this is every enthusiast’s dream : let’s face it, even those who don’t like this kind of “games” and artistic genres can only be speechless!



Watch the video:

source used: Popular Mechanics

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