19 Times Gravity Was Fooled

These images seem to overcome the force of gravity.

You don’t have to be a physics genius to know that gravity is one of the main laws that govern our planet. You’ve certainly heard of the gravitational force, which allows our planet to be like this, as we know it, and prevents us (as well as all other beings and objects) from floating.

However, the laws are still being challenged, and gravity is no different, as you’ll see from the list below.

#1.  “My friend loves to balance things.”

#2. Something you are going to want to try.

#3. a drop of water that does not break the tension on a coin.

#4. “My cat is a master of balance.”

#5. “I don’t want to do this again.”

#6. The 1 yen coin is so light that it doesn’t even break the tension on the surface of the water.

#7. This tap, installed inside a boat, seems to defy the laws of physics.

#8. Whoever placed these products in this way is a genius.

#9. “The spider dog”

#10. Forget everything you have learned about gravity.

#11. Nature is incredible.

#12. Cats are enemies of everything, even gravity.

#13. Speaking of cats …

#14. The way these rocks were positioned.

#15. Had to be in Brazil.

#16. Better not try to eat pasta at -60ºC.

#17. “The way my cup broke.”

#18. The way the ice formed.

#19. These goats don’t care about the law of gravity.

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