17 People Have Grasped Incredible Coincidences Capable Of Making Us Believe In Fate

Some people believe that everything in life has a purpose, so events are due to fate. Other people do not believe that fate is already written, but each of us can influence events and therefore the future through our actions. We all noticed coincidences that made us stop for a moment and made us think “but how is that possible?” an object in the right place at the right time, an incredible resemblance, an unexpected appearance. Whether you believe in fate or not, 17 people have grasped coincidences that defy all odds and leave us speechless.

#1. This stone has broken in half and its interior and shape resemble that of an avocado. A coincidence difficult to find.

image credit: aietra/reddit

#2. This boy found a face similar to his on a bag of crisps: are we sure this is really a coincidence?

image credit: 10KBananas/reddit

#3. This confection perfectly captures the landscape in front of which this man stood. What are the chances of such a thing happening?

image credit: imgur

#4. This girl’s dress perfectly matches the colors of the cars on either side of her: not even on purpose!

image credit: Koopatroopa_7 / reddit

#5. The handles of a hotel cabinet are identical to the ring worn by a woman. An incredible coincidence!

image credit: tecvai/reddit

#4. The guy was incredulous, so he captured the scene: four strangers waiting wearing a T-shirt with the same pattern.

image credit: superfab96/reddit

#7. Has he noticed that his hair looks amazingly similar in the painting? Someone behind him did and caught the coincidence.

image credit: Phantom_Katana/reddit

#8. This banana slice seems to reproduce the dog’s sullen expression identically: something is wrong.

image credit: neringi / reddit

#9. This bird has landed on the page which speaks of its species: the young girl must have been surprised by such a coincidence.

image credit: imgur

#10. The rainbow perfectly frames the setting sun: a coincidence that leaves you speechless before its beauty.

image credit: nimo4749/reddit

#11. Mountains and trees line up perfectly with this motorhome on the highway: the view is quite the same.

image credit: tomboski/reddit

#12. A dragonfly has landed on the girl’s foot where a dragonfly of the same size is tattooed.

image credit: Callyzone/reddit

#13. This man’s coat perfectly echoes the lines and colors of the sidewalk: is this a deliberate coincidence?

image credit: mikhailgolub/reddit

#14. The white stripe on the dog’s back is perfectly aligned with the water scum that forms when it hits the shore.

image credit: tortugatuba/reddit

#15. The cute little boy is holding a picture book in which he seems to be represented: the resemblance is striking.

image credit: designerlifela/reddit

#16. The tips of this woman’s shoes perfectly match, in shape and color, the yellow line of the platform.

image credit: OJRacer/reddit

#17. This man noticed that the background image of his phone is identical to that of the truck driving in front of him.

image credit: Freddiemcindoe/reddit

It is obvious that these people, objects, and animals were in the right place at the right time. And you, do you believe in fate, or do you think it is just coincidences?

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