Girl Shared Stunning Photos Of Her Maine Coon, And Her Size Is Beyond Belief

Maine Coon owner Lotus has created an Instagram account, where she posts photos of her huge white and brown cat. The pictures show us a cat that is much larger than usual, but its habits and behavior appear to be the same as those of all domestic cats. He enjoys sleeping on the couch, pampering himself, relaxing outdoors, and even having his picture taken. But here are some more details about this big cat.


The Maine Coon is a species of cat native to North America , specifically Maine. It is considered large in size and its weight can vary from 7 to 11 kg in males and 5 to 7 kg in females . Its hair allows it to live in very rigid environments, it is longer on the throat, on the belly and on the hind legs to allow it to protect itself from snow and humidity; it is shorter on the back and on the neck to protect itself from the tangles of the undergrowth. Hairy ears, thick tail and round legs, with tufts of hair, are useful for him to live in cold environments.


His story has been the subject of many legends over the centuries. One of them is that the Maine Coon is the result of the union of a lynx and a raccoon, hence the second part of its name (in English, “Racoon”). Another says its appearance is due to Queen Marie Antoinette’s six Angora cats, who freed them in Maine during the French Revolution.


In fact, it is commonly believed that this is a cross between the Nordic shorthair cats and the longhair cats that arrived in North America after the Vikings landed.

Although he looks like a wild cat, he does not disdain domestic life at all and has become accustomed to the “comforts” it offers. Today, Maine is a continuously expanding breed and is often featured at cat shows. Admit it: you’ll be dying to have one!

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