A Woman Finds Herself In Front Of This Gigantic Moth During A Walk, It Is As Long As Her Hand

This is not the first time that we have found ourselves talking to you and showing you a certain “taste” of Australian nature. We have now learned that the fascinating continent at the end of the world is a sort of huge reservoir of landscapes, phenomena, and creatures that people accustomed to living in very remote contexts cannot even imagine.

Wildlife, in particular, is the aspect that often impresses us the most. In few other places in the world, there is such a rich and surprising endemic variety of animals, as the mega-insect that we are about to present to you perfectly demonstrates. If you’re easily impressed or scared of moths, we warn you: this might not be the right place for you.


image credit: Amateur Entomology Australia/Facebook

We are in Brisbane, a coastal city located in the eastern part of the Australian island. It was here, while walking through the Camp Mountain Natural Area, that Pam Taylor couldn’t help but notice a “thing” that she couldn’t quite decipher at first. The only certainty? She was really tall and perched on a tree trunk.

It was clear that it was an insect, and closer it was also clear that it was a moth, but surely the woman would never have imagined being in front of a giant specimen like this. 


image credit: Amateur Entomology Australia/Facebook

Pam shared her experience on the Amateur Entomology Australia Facebook group, where the enormous moth caught the attention of many users. This giant moth, about as long as a human hand and with an estimated wingspan of 25 centimeters, is said to be a fairly common insect in this part of the continent. As users in the group have pointed out, it should be an Endoxyla, belonging to the Cossidae family.


image credit: Amateur Entomology Australia/Facebook

The morning after her first encounter with the butterfly, Taylor saw another next door. It is therefore not foolish to think that this kind of meeting, in these regions, is quite frequent. And you, how would you have reacted to such an incredible creature? Would she have scared or fascinated you?

Source used:

Amateur Entomology Australia/Facebook

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