20 Photos Of Stylish And Giant Maine Coon Cats That We All Feel A Little Smaller In Front Of

Large cats are often seen, and in most cases, their size is due to insatiable hunger and excess food ingested. This is not the case with the Maine Coon, however, one of the larger breeds of domestic felines. This breed can weigh up to 16 kg and measure up to a meter from nose to tail. They are native to North America and besides their size, they are famous for their long coat and extremely bushy tails. Welcoming them home is certainly a big commitment, but it pays off with the hugs and their loud, countless purrs. Any cat, put next to a Maine Coin, looks really tiny.

#1. The mistress had the courage to take her big cat in her arms: it takes muscles!

image credit: milkyway_scientist/instagram

#2. It may be an effect of perspective, but this cat has a head as large as its mistress. How handsome he is !

image credit: ultrarunningawayfromyou/imgur

#3. Is he stretching or looking for something to snack on? On two legs, the big cat is almost a meter tall.

image credit: lego_the_main_coon/instagram

#4. Maine Coons are domestic cats but with their large paws they can get anywhere and even climb with ease.

image credit: romeo_forlife/instagram

#5. We have already noticed this in a few photos, but the fur of this breed is very long, thick and layered. In short, they always stay warm.

image credit: roto/imgur

#6. Speaking of heat: the extra thick tail and hairy ears help keep the tomcat warm.

image credit: mafemo_mc / instagram

#7. They may look awesome, but they are very cuddly. Just a little bigger, almost as big as a television set.

image credit: rock_cleaver_cat/instagram

#8. Maine Coons can weigh up to almost 16 kg, and this cat, with its large size, appears to be approaching maximum weight.

image credit: stinkylinkudingdong/imgur

#9. Maine Coon’s fur is thicker in certain areas of the body for better protection: doesn’t it make you want to stroke it?

image credit: titan_tamer/instagram

#10. Maine Coons can have different colored coats, but the most common colors are ash (like the cat in the photo) and red.

image credit: temppics/imgur

#11. This breed meows very rarely, but it is very affectionate and purrs very loudly: everyone should hear them.

image credit: ronja_k_2019 / instagram

#12. Maine Coons are originally from Northern Europe: they lived in the wild, much like that cat that just left the house.

image credit: zone_of_persephone/instagram

#13. His coat must be brushed very often to avoid the formation of knots, especially on this beautiful belly.

image credit: hill2cm/imgur

#14. Yes, these cats can grow to really bulky sizes: he’s bigger than rugs, for example.

image credit: el_lee32/instagram

#15. New technique for keeping fit and training your biceps: lifting a totally relaxed Maine Coon.

image credit: imgur

#16. Maine Coons also go by this name because of their popularity in the state of Maine. Imagine walking around and only finding huge cats!

image credit: christina_loefflad/instagram

#17. Even for vets, it must be a challenge working with these big cats: better not to upset them.

image credit: noirhero/reddit

#18. They are tall, but also extremely elegant: maybe it is due to their stature or their attitude, but they are irresistible.

image credit: hallos_lux / instagram

#19. His hairy, pointed ears are certainly a hallmark, but his round muzzle also has its effect.

image credit: enjoycoon_giant/instagram

#20. This woman has decided to risk lifting him with one arm: the beauty of this cat is undeniable.

image credit: manoonhalliburton / instagram

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