This Giant Frog Is Hitting The Web, People Are Wondering If It’s Really Real

Among the most curious animals that inhabit the beautiful nature of our planet, there are certainly frogs. Not only because they are amphibious creatures, able to be perfectly comfortable in and out of the water, but also because their characteristics are sometimes so unique and incredible that they almost seem to come from a strange ” parallel universe “.

The creature we are going to tell you about is a perfect example of this: this animal has become a real web celebrity, although there are also people who wonder if it is really real and, above all, what it is. . It would be reductive to call it a “frog”, at least for its size. Maybe a turtle without a shell?


image credit: Jodi Rowley/Twitter

A smooth, rounded body, an expressive muzzle, and, let’s face it, an overall feeling that might cause a bit of concern in many. Since this strange creature was “featured” on the web, there have been thousands of reactions. There are those who have embarked on rather fanciful deductions – such as that of the turtle -, those who doubted its authenticity and those who, on the contrary, decided to shed light on this matter by informing everyone that ‘this is a species of frog known as Glyphoglossus molossus .


image credit: Jodi Rowley/Twitter

It is a frog of the Microhylidae family , known precisely for its typically “chubby” appearance, which it adopts for reasons of self-defense. By appearing bigger and more menacing , she scares off any possible threat. Despite this scientific explanation, not everyone was convinced, continuing to believe that it is something else.


image credit: Jodi Rowley/Twitter

Jodi Rowley, biologist, and amphibian expert, however, has no doubts: it was she who revealed on Twitter that it is a burrowing frog, native to Southeast Asia and known precisely for its exceptional defensive abilities, his ability to dig underground and spend a lot of time hiding there, waiting for rain. It is certainly a very special creature, another fascinating proof that nature always knows how to arouse astonishment!

Source of used:
The Dodo

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