Giant Black Bear Finds Gopro In Woods And Turns It On: Video Is Hilarious.

It is rare to have the chance to observe certain animals up close. Wildlife photographers hide and camouflage themselves in the environment for hours, days, and weeks in the hopes of observing – and then capturing – a wild animal in its daily life, from a distance. A hunter had an extremely rare chance: while walking in the woods, he found a GoPro camera. When he turned it on, he found a funny and quirky video inside.


image credit: Dylan Schilt/Facebook

Dylan Schilt was in Wyoming when he found a GoPro camera on the ground, which must have fallen from a snowmobile. The man picked up the camera and took it with him. He charged the camera, turned it on, and found a video of a bear playing with the camera. The large black bear, curious about the strange object, approached him and must have accidentally turned on the camera. The funny sequences began and the camera captured some very funny scenes: pictures of the bear’s paws, its muzzle, and the inside of its mouth.


image credit: Dylan Schilt/Facebook

The hunter said it was “the most absurd thing I have ever found”. Dylan posted the video on his Facebook page, recounting the incident: “Last week while archery hunting I ran into a GoPro that got lost while snowmobiling. When I returned to the camp I loaded it up and I couldn’t believe what I saw. After four months a big black bear found it and managed not only to light it up but also to register in playing with it. Definitely, the craziest thing I have ever found! “


image credit: Dylan Schilt/Facebook

The video immediately went viral, garnering thousands of comments and shares. People were amazed to see a big bear playing around with a technological tool. Many wildlife photographers standstill for days waiting for a funny or unusual movement of a free-living animal: the hunter accidentally found a video that shows how much closer nature is than we can imagine.

source used: Dylan Schilt/Facebook

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