10 Giant And Terrifying Animals That Lived After The Dinosaurs

There were feared animals beyond dinosaurs.

Throughout the history of our planet, many animals have crossed it, built their legacy and reputation, and, for the most diverse reasons, ended up ceasing to exist. Many people remember only dinosaurs, known to be fearsome predators, but the truth is that even after the extinction of these creatures, other scary animals emerged.

Take a look at some of the amazing animals that lived after the dinosaurs in the list below.

#1. Megalodon

Sharks have existed on our planet for at least 400 million years, and they have proven capable of withstanding many natural disasters over the years. However, while they continue to be extremely scary today, they have been much worse. The Megalodon, for example, whose actual existence is still the subject of some debate, could measure more than 18 meters according to some sources, making it the largest predator to ever pass the planet Earth.

#2. Livyatan Melvillei

This animal is named after the legendary animal from the Bible, Leviathan. According to what science has found in this regard, it is a primitive type of whale that reached more than 18 meters in length and even ate other whales.


A direct descendant of the dinosaurs. This bird might not have wings big enough to fly, but that didn’t stop them from “being the terror” of many animals. With a powerful curved, hook-like beak, it was a great threat to any living thing that could fit in its mouth.

#4. Titanoboa

Are you afraid of snakes? Give thanks for not being born more than 58 million years ago. The Titanoboa is the largest snake ever discovered by science, and it can be 12 meters long. About 30 fossils of this creature have been found in Colombia, but researchers estimate that it may have spread to other countries in South America as well.

#5. Megalania

Iguanas and lizards aren’t so scary today (in some cases), but things didn’t always work out that way in the past. About 40,000 years ago, this gigantic animal roamed the territory we now know as Australia, along with other terrifying creatures, belonging to the so-called Australian megafauna.

#6. Indricoterio

Many scientists consider this animal to be the largest mammal that has ever traveled our planet, being up to 5 meters tall and weighing around 20 tons. Evolutionarily speaking, it is possible to relate this species to rhinos.

#7. Deodon

This animal, which is part of the evolutionary line of pigs, lived mainly in North America, about 19 million years ago. Only its head was 1 meter long, and in total it could be 1.8 meters high. The Deodon was nothing like the cute pigs of today.

#8. Purussaurus

About 8 million years ago, this animal was the nightmare of everything that stood in its way. At 13 meters in length, this primitive crocodile didn’t have many opponents on the food chain.

#9. Argentavis

Also known as “Ave Argentina”, this is one of the largest birds that science has ever known. In total, it could reach a surprising 7-meter wingspan, weighing more than 70 kg. Today, the largest known birds are no more than 3.5 meters in wingspan, in comparison.

#10. Basilosaurio

This extremely ancient animal lived about 34 million years ago and is a primitive ancestor of whales. At the time it was spread over the Earth’s oceans, the Basilosaurus was extremely feared by other species since at about 20 meters in length, no marine animal liked to find it.

What was your favorite animal? Do you think that if they lived now the world would be the same? Share this note with your friends so that they will be surprised by these animals that were very terrifying, even after the existence of dinosaurs.

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