A Gigantic “Ghost” Ship Reappears After 10 Years And Fishermen Are Amazed

The so-called “ghost” ships, which suddenly appear and disappear in the vastness of the oceans, are one of the subjects which have fascinated the literature and the imagination the most of all time. They are often associated with the world of pirates and bring with them legends that thrill even the most experienced sailor.

This is probably the reason why some fishermen, having passed a gigantic ship aground on a sandbank off the coast of Myanmar, could not but remain terrified. There was a surreal silence on the ship , despite the fact that her structural condition did not seem compromised: it was only thanks to the intervention of the authorities that it was possible to solve the mystery.


The “ghost ship”, in addition to showing no trace of human presence, carried no cargo and was up to 180 meters long a size sufficient to make it a terrifying sight. On one side, there was its name, which allowed its history to be traced: it was the cargo ship Sam Rataulangi PB1600.


Thanks to the authorities, the mystery was revealed: a decade earlier, the huge freighter had broken down. It had therefore been emptied, and the tug ‘Independence’ had taken it over to pull it to its destination. The weather conditions, however, proved difficult: due to bad weather, the operation proved impossible, and the huge ship was lost in 2009. he was engulfed in the darkness of the ocean, wandering who knows where for nearly a decade before making his frightening appearance.

Posted by Yangon Police on Thursday, 30 August 2018

We don’t know what routes he followed during those years, we don’t know if someone climbed on it hoping for easy loot or if he remained totally isolated in the vastness of the ocean. All we know is that the ghost ship legends will probably feel a little truer to us from today.

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