17 Photos Show That The Gel Spares Nothing And No One. They Make You Cold Just By Looking At Them

Whether they are very cold or very hot, “extreme” temperatures are always quite difficult to bear. We see this whenever in winter the climate starts to be harsh or in summer the days become scorching.

It would be nice to always be able to find the right balance, but the reality is that often in many parts of the world, waves of polar freezing are strong and sudden, and hit whatever they find. The “icy” photos that we have gathered below show it clearly: people and especially things – even the most unthinkable – when the cold stings, totally change their appearance, to create fascinating “sculptures” to say the least! Cover up well before looking at these photos!

#1. Soap bubbles that turn into bubbles … of ice!

image credit: cbotnyse/twitter

#2. I left this bottle of wine out overnight and this is what I found the next morning …

image credit: auriolrd/reddit

#3. Cold and ice strike even where you least expect it!

image credit: Christine Johnson/twitter

#4. Egg … iced?

image credit: Roxas101000/reddit

#5. Yesterday, outside my window, there was a river: now I find this!

image credit: Jay_Z_123/reddit

#6. It was not necessary to raise the wipers to prevent them from freezing …

image credit: reddit

#7. It’s cold and that’s saying something!

image credit: TroyExplores/reddit

#8. Yes, that’s what’s left of a garbage can left by my neighbors!

image credit: tlredbird/reddit

#9. A real sculpture of ice and snow!

image credit: HellsJuggernaut/reddit

#10. A frozen nature but no less fascinating!

image credit: tovarishch_Kavenil / reddit

#11. It doesn’t walk on its own: it’s just frozen!

image credit: Greg Swan/twitter

#12. You realize that it is too cold even though the antifreeze is frozen …

image credit: Imgur

#13. It looks like a sculpture, but it is only the result of the polar cold.

image credit: ccroucher9/twitter

#14. The cold gave the wheels of my car a very elegant touch!

image credit: sprgsmnt/reddit

#15. Simply impressive!

image credit: reddit

#16. Maybe we should wait until it gets a little warmer …

image credit: Imgur

#17. When the walls of the room start to freeze …

image credit: creampuffyness/reddit

Have you ever been in such “chilling” situations as these?

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