Furoshiki: the ancient Japanese method of wrapping gifts in colorful fabrics and avoiding unnecessary waste of paper.

With the end-of-year celebrations, there are several things to remember to fully respect the tradition: New Year’s Eve dinner, well-wrapped gifts, where to go and with whom… in short, a series of essential things. When it comes to gifts, there is considerable waste of paper every year due to traditional gift packaging. As the Christmas holidays have become a symbol of waste, it might be a good idea to consider alternative solutions for this and other years. We therefore suggest wrapping Christmas gifts in colorful fabrics: a traditional Japanese method, which saves a lot of paper and not to harm the environment.

This old method is called “furoshiki” and comes directly from Japan. There, for more than 400 years, colorful quadrangular fabrics have been used to wrap objects as gifts or simply to transport them from one place to another. place to another.

Considering the fact that gift wrapping has a very limited lifespan, because once the gift is opened, all the packaging immediately ends up in the trash, it is time to think about a sustainable way of presenting our presents under the tree. Furoshiki seems to be an excellent alternative in favor of our environment.

This is a very simple technique for wrapping objects, but it gives equally satisfactory results. To get an even more precise idea of ​​the furoshiki method, you can watch the video of the famous Marie Kondo, who explains in detail how to make a bundle with this method.

What most characterizes this method is that the fabric is reusable, so he will definitely wrap more gifts in the future.

By looking at these images, you might get inspiration for your gift packages and appreciate the furoshiki method. In order to apply this method to various objects, Greenpeace Canada published an explanatory image on social networks to disseminate this sustainable Japanese method as widely as possible.

A good way to avoid waste…

Flickr / Alan Cleaver

What do you think? Try adopting this alternative method to wrap your gifts… the Planet will thank you!

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