12 Funny Situations Where The Protagonists Regretted What They Had Just Done

Every day we make countless decisions, even if we don’t really notice it: we choose the red sweater over the green, we decide to eat an apple instead of the usual banana, and we go to bed later or earlier. than usual. Other times, our seemingly harmless choices are followed by significant consequences that, in seconds, make us wish we had acted differently. What are we talking about here? Watch this gallery of situations in which the protagonists regretted what they had just done!

#1. This cat smells broccoli for the first time.

image credit: unnaturalorder/Reddit

#2. When you realize you’ve overloaded the barbell … but it’s too late.

image credit: Boojibs/Reddit

#3. The white cat must have bitterly regretted hitting the Bengal cat …

image credit: onemanapocalypse1528/Reddit

#4. The little jaguar had no idea the water was so high.

image credit: G_man252/Reddit

#5. He was playing catching his mistress’s finger when he realized he was stuck in the railing.

image credit: St0pX/Reddit

#6. The storekeeper fell asleep hitting the shelf … and knocked all the goods off the shelves!

image credit: jarvis125/Reddit

#7. This man thought about waxing to get rid of the hairs on his nose once and for all … without thinking of the pain he would feel …

image credit: HellsJuggernaut/Reddit

#8. Oops!

image credit: MarkovManiac/Reddit

#9. A song with the microphone … but it’s a garden hose!

image credit: Reddit

#10. The cat was cuddling when he noticed his tongue stuck to the blanket.

image credit: Anthony_Lux/Reddit

#11. The guy showed his lunch plate to the computer webcam … before spilling it on the keyboard.

image credit: p4lm4r/Reddit

#12. A souvenir photo with these adorable pigeons … help!

image credit: GallowBoob/Reddit

And you, have you ever bitterly regretted something you did?

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